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Fur-A-Tine at The Retreat at Harrisonburg

Mar 05, 2021

Who doesn’t love animals?! Here at The Retreat at Harrisonburg, we love all of our residents’ pets and it brightens our days to see them! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we did an event on social media: FUR-A-Tines. Residents sent us pictures of their furry…
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The Retreat Harrisonburg Hosts Chipotle Drive Up for Residents!

Feb 16, 2021

The Retreat Harrisonburg’s lunch on-the-go event was a spectacular hit to begin our Welcome Back Week for our residents who have returned to James Madison University for the spring semester. We ordered pre-made burritos and chips & salsa from Chipotle to give to each resident…
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Virtual Gift Bingo!

Jan 19, 2021

To get ready for the holidays and have some fun before finals, The Retreat Harrisonburg  hosted a gift bingo to give our residents and guarantors an opportunity to participate from anywhere! There were seven unique gifts so that we could have seven opportunities for a…
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Chilly Study Break

Nov 20, 2020

Our Retreat Harrisonburg residents have been working so hard and have a lot on their plates right now. 2020 has brought on so many changes for so many people, and school has been no exception to that. The Retreat Harrisonburg staff thought our residents deserved…

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