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When students first explore their student housing options, the traditional dorm room probably comes to mind — a small room in a residence hall, featuring bunk beds for you and a roommate while sharing a mini-fridge in the corner. Or maybe they’re looking for their first off campus apartment, one with a park view and short commute to class.

Finding a place or space to call your own as a student doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Student living means something different for everyone, but for James Madison University (JMU) students, Harrisonburg has plenty of living options.

Types Of Student Housing In Harrisonburg

JMU On Campus Housing

If the idea of living on campus dredges up images of towering residence halls your parents lived in, fear not. JMU apartments are full of modern conveniences. With 30 residence halls, including one for Greek Life and apartments for upperclassmen and transfer students, there’s something for everyone!

But why choose to live on campus?

For first-time college students, it’s a transition from living at home to being on your own. Living on campus is an opportunity to meet new people – and there’s nobody around to stop you from having ice cream for dinner! Then there’s the accessibility of picking up a meal or two from the dining hall, cable and Internet in the room, and outdoor activities within walking distance.

But living on campus comes with a catch or two. Enforced quiet hours mean no impromptu 2 a.m. dance parties with the neighbors. And sharing appliances like the washers and dryers may result in a delay for several hours when you realize you’re officially out of clean clothes.

JMU Off Campus Housing

It seems like there’s rarely a shortage of apartments for rent in Harrisonburg, VA. Like most college towns, there is a range of styles for students on a budget moving off campus. And with the move, comes the freedom to truly call an apartment your home.

That freedom, depending on the apartment complex, can be relaxing poolside or have a few friends over to grill out. Living in an off campus apartment means you can come and go on your schedule, without a resident adviser checking in. And if you have a pet-friendly apartment, Fido or Sassy can move in too. So, what could be a downside to renting an apartment? If you’re working and going to JMU, life can become hectic quickly, making time management imperative.

Townhouses / Condos Near JMU

If you’ve searched through Harrisonburg apartments and nothing has caught your fancy, perhaps a townhome or condo would suit you. These combine the flexibility of living in a space larger than a standard apartment. Some even offer a garage for your vehicle, so no more brushing leaves and twigs off the windshield before driving to class.

But, many townhomes and condos are part of an HOA (homeowners’ association), which may require you to join and pay fees to the HOA. The fees can range from several hundred dollars a year — or month. And most HOAs have rules for what a resident can and can’t do to the landscape and home.

Rental Houses

These homes can provide a place to live with friends or a family without the commitment of buying. Like any other home, there's plenty of space for you and to host friends and family. If you’ve lived on-campus or in apartment before, it’s a refreshing feeling to be able to stretch out.

But this comes with a landlord and responsibility. If the landlord is a hands-off type, a burst water line could be a headache for days and several unreturned phone calls. Or, a hands-on landlord could feel like your parents checking in on you. JMU off campus housing, can be complicated sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Harrisonburg Luxury Student Apartments

With so many off campus options, finding an apartment in Harrisonburg, VA can seem overwhelming. After all, you want to balance the best of both worlds — easy access to campus with modern amenities in your apartment.

The best JMU off campus housing is located near campus, provides plenty of privacy and space, and offers the best in luxury amenities for a more convenient student living experience.

The type of off campus housing JMU students love has the convenience and amenities of all-inclusive apartments with the style and space of a home. And don’t worry about everyone stepping over each other — luxury apartment features plenty of square footage and often include private bathrooms in each bedroom.

Luxury Living at The Retreat

With luxury apartments near JMU, such as the cottage-style townhomes at The Retreat at Harrisonburg, all-inclusive amenities means just that. Units are fully furnished with all the essentials students need. Installment payments include Internet, cable, garbage, water and lawn maintenance. No worrying about having to buy a push mower — it’s taken care of!

Take a swim in the resort-style pool, or work out at the expansive fitness center. Have a paper due but don’t want to drive to the library? Knock it out in the computer lab. What about that group study session? Invite your group members over, and use one of the private study rooms in the clubhouse. If this is your idea of student living, schedule a tour today and treat yourself to luxury living!

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